How To Find Work In Today's Market? Getting Started

Your first step in finding gainful employment | taught Judy Michaud

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In order to succeed in getting a new job or finding a career you love, learning new skills is essential. This introductory program will give you a foundation of skills and information to help you get started on your journey to successful future employment.

It is common to change jobs or careers several times in your life. An entry-level job, or starting position, gives you new skills you can use in future jobs throughout your career. No skill you learn is ever lost. Sometimes it may seem as if you learn new skills that you don’t actually use for some time, but years later, that skill will come in very handy with something you are doing. Be patient and keep learning — that is the KEY!

Remember, life is a learning process. The more you experience and learn, the fuller and more enjoyable your life will be as you go forward. In this Jump Start to Employment course you will explore problems and barriers that may have been holding you back in your learning process. You will learn how to overcome these obstacles by simply acknowledging that they exist. Enjoy your new toolbox!

Judy Michaud
Judy Michaud

Judy Michaud is the author of Planning To Get Anything You Want - 7 Simple Steps Anyone Can Follow, a FREE eBook you can download instantly to learn how to achieve amazing results both in your work and your personal life. Not only will you get more of what you want in your life you will have more time enjoy it. You can access the eBook from here.

She has experience with direct delivery in class, webinar and online training, as well as direct one on one mentoring and coaching.

Her classes are interactive, informative and fun. Look out for a great experience learning with Judy online and feel free to ask her questions anytime.

Judy Michaud

Course Curriculum

Getting Started
How To Get Around On The Site
Introduction - What you will Learn
How to Get Started Finding Gainful Employment
Problems and Barriers with Learning - Document
Problems and Barriers with Learning
How We Learn - Document
How We Learn
What is Your Communication Style? Document
What is Your Communication Style?
Note Taking Skills - Document
Note Taking Skills
Brainstorming for a Job
How Our Belief System, Values and Habits Affect Our Employment
Values To Live By - Document
Values To Live By
Listening Exercise - Clean Dishes
Listening Exercise - Clean Dishes - Answers
Next Steps
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