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Judy Michaud
Judy Michaud

About the Instructor

Judy Michaud is the author of Planning To Get Anything You Want - 7 Simple Steps Anyone Can Follow, a FREE eBook you can download instantly to learn how to achieve amazing results both in your work and your personal life. Not only will you get more of what you want in your life you will have more time enjoy it. You can access the eBook from here.

She has experience with direct delivery in class, webinar and online training, as well as direct one on one mentoring and coaching.

Her classes are interactive, informative and fun. Look out for a great experience learning with Judy online and feel free to ask her questions anytime.

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This program, complete with all the handouts and other tools you will receive will become a portfolio of information you will refer to regularly.

Planning Initiatives for Indigenous Community Development is an online interactive program that provides a hands-on approach to developing projects within Indigenous communities.

The entire program has been custom designed to support you, from start to finish, as you develop programs/projects that meet the needs of your community members. We will provide you with tools you can use and customize for your community’s programs/projects.

During this program you will watch a series of Video lessons, and complete assignments using the handouts provided with each lesson. As well as the online training, your training will include several interactive Conference Calls where you will have a chance to learn and develop new skills working together with others in the program.

There is also an online Community Support Group where you will begin to interactive with other students in the program and other students who have already completed the program. Throughout the program you can stay connected, and share new ideas and projects with others while continuing to learn from others what they are offering in their communities.

This online community will give you the opportunity to work directly with the Ōhō Education team on your project, starting with an idea, and proceeding to make it happen.

Course Contents

1 Video
1 Text
160.0 hrs

Course Curriculum