Planning Initiatives for Indigenous Community Development Program - Five Modules

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This program, complete with all the handouts and other tools you will receive will become a portfolio of information you will refer to regularly.

Planning Initiatives for Indigenous Community Development is an online interactive program that provides a hands-on approach to developing projects within Indigenous communities.

The entire program has been custom designed to support you, from start to finish, as you develop programs/projects that meet the needs of your community members. We will provide you with tools you can use and customize for your community’s programs/projects.

During this program you will watch a series of Video lessons, and complete assignments using the handouts provided with each lesson. As well as online training, your training will include several interactive conference calls where you will have a chance to learn and develop new skills working together with others in the program.

There is also an online Community Support Group where you will begin to interactive with other students in the program and other students who have already completed the program. Throughout the program you can stay connected and share new ideas and projects with others while learning what others are offering in their communities.


The Planning Initiatives for Indigenous Community Development (PIICD) Certificate program provides skills and knowledge in project development designed specifically to meet the needs of First nations and Tribal councils, Friendship Centres and Metis non-profit organizations.

The program addresses labour market research, planning, networking, communications, budgeting/funding, implementing and monitoring projects.

Who will benefit

The Planning Initiatives for Indigenous Community Development Program is designed to support Indigenous communities and organizations build the internal capacity of their members by knowing how to develop exciting new projects in their community that will in turn create more sustainability and long term success for their members.

Participants who have completed this program in the past include:Band Staff and consultants ie:Education Coordinators, Health Coordinators, Lands and Environment Managers, Housing Directors, Social Development Staff, Employment Assistants, Principals and Directors of Education and external consultants to the communities.

Program Structure

This program focuses on Indigenous community requirements and includes more than one field of study. It is delivered as a hybrid online training program, with in class sessions when required that are customized to meet the needs of participants in communities. The online content requires participants to have access to a computer, printer and Internet throughout their training.

The program is broken down into curriculum that is delivered online, group recorded conference calls, which include networking and presentations to industries and other organizations (40%), a VIP online community forum (20%) and completion of a proposal, simplified budget, implementation plan, cash flow and communications plan (40%).

For more in depth training and support customized in class sessions are designed to meet the needs that are specific to an Indigenous community or organization taking part in the training. All training materials have been written using basic literacy levels (Grade 5) that are easy for students to understand, grasp and apply on the job immediately.

In class sessions are designed through discussion with the Oho Team and prices for this portion of the training are not included online .If you are considering a group training session designed for your community, please connect with our Oho team before enrolling online. In class sessions vary but usually will include between 10-12 days of extra curricula support from the instructor spread over 5 sessions.

Five course modules combined are approximately 12 - 16 weeks of online training (depending on the prior experience of student) - 180 hours (which include: individual project development work, online video and document reading and completion, spreadsheet development, participation on conference call training sessions, participation and posting in VIP online forum, and completion of all assignments.)

This program is open online until you complete. Weekly reminders of your progress are sent out to support in the completion of the program.The average student completes the program within 10-12 months, however, times may vary depending on entry level and time available to complete online training and all assigned tasks.

This training includes development of communication, team building and networking skills, through conference calls, online forum and direct email consultations.

Completion Assessments

Assessment of completion is based on completing all online training modules, conference call attendance and participation, forum participation, completion of all assignments and project proposal, budget, cash flow forecast, implementation plan and monitoring plan submitted and approved for completion by instructor.

Computer Knowledge and Background

It is recommended that students have prior knowledge of word processing, have an active email address they can access throughout the training and understand basic computer operational skills.You should understand the basics of Microsoft word processing, and have some understanding of Excel, how to receive and send email messages and manage documents provided online.Training on how to get started and complete the program efficiently is provided by the instructor online upon registration via email.

Description of Curriculum

PIICD program focuses on planning, project development and administration.All modules also provide opportunity for the development and ongoing practise of:

  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Technology software and programs and how these tools enhance projects
  • The development of solid partnerships and building personal networks
  • Working as a team player and project leadership
  • Organization and administration practices
  • Communication development (written, oral and electronic) and opportunities to develop presentation skills

The following 5 Modules comprise the PIICD certificate.

MODULE 1 - Pre-planning / Research

Module 1 Objectives:

Acquire skills to begin the planning cycle, research and prove feasibility for programs, projects and/or services (project) and define the value of leadership and good management for all new programs, projects or new services offered in community.

Students will be able to: (Learning Outcomes)

  • Collect and organize research information relevant to a project they have chosen to develop.
  • Describe the planning cycle model for a project
  • Define good leadership and management skills required for all projects being developed
  • Write a vision statement for their project
  • Begin development new personal networks and define the stages of team development
  • Set up a mind-map for their project
  • Describe the difference between a partnership, joint venture partner and an affiliate
  • Pre-plan a simplified budget

MODULE 2 - Making a Plan: Getting Down to Details

Module 2 Objectives:

Develop skills to plan, implement and monitor a plan in their community.

Students will be able to: (Learning Outcomes)

  • Identify community capacity for specific projects
  • Distinguish the difference between several types of proposals
  • Identify the components of a proposal
  • Appreciate the value of involving Partners and/or Stakeholders
  • Set-up and recall the difference between a Gantt chart, Implementation plan, Calendar of Events, and Work plans
  • Compose a pre-planned simplified budget
  • Recall components of a simplified budget and cash flow forecast
  • Identify an In-Kind contribution
  • Describe the difference between qualitative and quantitative data
  • Set up monitoring and reporting for projects and proposals
  • Communicate effectively with industry and government potential Funders

MODULE 3 - Implementing The Plan

Module 3 - Objectives

Design and develop and implementation plan for their project and a communication strategy for funders.


Students will be able to: (Learning Outcomes)

  • Develop strategies for managing successful projects
  • Build A Detailed Plan
  • Set up your communication strategy

MODULE 4 - Putting It All Together

Module 4 - Objective

Complete a project checklist for project and set out a 90 day plan they can follow.

Students will be able to: (Learning Outcomes)


  • Develop an Project checklist for their project
  • Plan steps for projects 90 days in advance

MODULE 5 - Monitoring and Reporting

Module 5 - Objective

Develop a communication strategy with measurements for monitoring, complete proposal, implementation plan, simplified budget and cash flow

Students will be able to: (Learning Outcomes)

  • Setup monitoring for their project
  • Monitor outcomes – analyze results for projects
  • Develop and proposal, simplified budget, Cash flow, Work plan, monitoring and communication plan and submit for completion

Students will also be expected to build a network of potential partners for their project and liaison with professionals in the field related to the project they have chosen to develop.They will also be expected to share their learning and ideas with other community participants to support their learning and that of their peers.

Pricing Policy

Your investment in this program can also be broken into payments of $340.00 x 8 monthly payments. Fees may be paid by Visa®, MasterCard®, Interac deposit or certified cheque. The course price displayed here online does not include the in class sessions as these vary depending on the students we are serving. If you want to start a program in your area simply email us at and we will work with you and your team to meet your needs, ensuring you get all the support you need to develop outstanding projects in your community. If on a payment plan and monthly fees are not paid participants will be suspended access to the program until fees are paid. It is our guarantee you will be successful in this program if you do all the work required and complete all assignments.

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